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Market making and liquidity management services

Take your digital assets to the top of leading index rankings

As an established market maker, Circlegain can provide liquidity for digital assets, helping you to satisfy the necessary requirements for public listing,
as well as liquidity management for exchanges and enterprises

Launch market mission

Highly liquid market creation for digital assets

Ensuring high liquidity indicators

Providing a range of services dedicated to generating returns
for clients, liquidity management, and consulting

Intelligent custom trading strategies

Strategies for buying/selling digital assets without significant price movement. Arbitration between exchanges and pairs to maintain parity of prices

Multi trade pairs on multi exchanges

Arbitrage opportunities are available for a variety of trading pairs. Support for many exchanges and pairs at the same time, including
tier-2 exchanges

Small spread guarantee

Trading strategies help us to guarantee small spreads for traded assets

Custom trading strategies and advice tailored to your requirements

The Circlegrain team creates tailor-made market making strategies and provides advisory services and valuable insight on areas such as digital asset economics, listing strategies, and macro market sentiment, as well as exchange-specific matters such as liquidity, fees, and technical capabilities.

Personal approach

Listing strategies

Digital asset economics

How it works


Getting to know each other and tailoring offer to specific needs

An initial conversation with the Circlegain team takes place, during which the objectives are defined in terms of liquidity provision and exchange requirements.


Onboarding to prepare for market mission

Contracts are signed to ensure legal security and compliance.


Exchange connection and liquidity provision

Circlegain connects to the exchange using their API
and provides 24/7 liquidity based on the agreed customized market making program.


Constant performance reporting

The Circlegain team provides detailed reports
on performance.

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