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Research and development services

Create secure AI and blockchain solutions for financial applications that work

Circlegain provides a range of research and development services in the field of open key cryptography, distributed technologies, and machine learning, as well as supporting clients in their business processes, providing new ideas, setting up cloud infrastructure, and conducting security audits.

Launch R&D mission

Eliminate confusion around the digital asset market and blockchain

Distributed ledgers, including blockchains, are the foundation of digital asset-class financial technologies. With the right approach, they can be integrated into existing business infrastructure or used for new product development

Creation of digital solutions for streamlining businesses

The Circlegain team focuses on business-logic and design thinking when building products or applications to ensure that they bring real value to business

Applied research from scientists and developers

Team members have made significant achievements in applied research in underlying digital asset financial technologies, such as distributed systems (incl. blockchain) and cryptography, machine data presentation and efficient computing

Ensure security

Security audit

The Circlegain team conducts security audits of blockchains, mining infrastructures and smart contracts
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Set up and roll out

Mining clouds and infrastructure setup

Circlegain can assist in the rollout of mining cloud infrastructure, as well as provide consulting services
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Research and Analysis

Applied research in open key cryptography and distributed technologies

The team can research any topics related to building distributed ledger technology protocols, frameworks and applications, and find optimal solutions to existing problems
Research and Analysis

AI/ML in financial data analysis

Circlegain provides applied research related to the creation of models and learning strategies
Discover and Develop

Smart contracts and blockchain development

Custom blockchain solutions, ledgers, smart contracts, protocols and frameworks. Research and development tailored to your business needs


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