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Digital asset management missions made easy with the power of math and machines

Investment management solutions, market making, consulting and R&D services for institutional clients and individuals.

Solutions for effective asset management

Providing a range of services dedicated to generating returns for clients, liquidity management, and consulting

Optimal trading algorithms

Generating returns on digital assets using quantitative trading strategies and AI/ML to optimize algorithmic trading parameters and data analysis

Scientific approach

The Circlegain team has made significant achievements in applied research regarding digital asset technologies such as distributed systems (incl. blockchain) and cryptography, machine data presentation, and efficient computing

“Technologies and strategies for the new digital asset class market have to be adapted to cater for different needs more efficiently. Combining our research background, a systematic approach to key technology development, and superb customer experience, we can be a great guide for our clients in any and all of their digital asset management missions.”
Dmitry Meshkov, Circlegain Founder and CEO

Market Missions

Market making and liquidity management

Circlegain is an established market maker for major cryptocurrency exchanges and can bring liquidity to digital assets, satisfy requirements for public listing, and provide liquidity management for exchanges and enterprises.

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A highly liquidity
market creation

Earn Missions

Circlegain Signature Fund

Circlegain delivers exceptional returns for investors who hold BTC through active management of their digital asset portfolios.

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Advanced algorithms
for stable returns

Circlegain Index Fund

Tailor-made index based on applied research and unique parameters designed to make it easy for newcomers to invest in the digital asset market.

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Reflects the real state
of the current digital
asset market

Advising and R&D Missions

Digital asset trail
Asset value reports
for bookkeeping
Risk assessments and 
forecasting reports

Digital asset management consulting

Circlegain offers its expertise to institutions and individuals looking to legally include digital assets on their balance sheet, supports bookkeeping processes, and provides information on digital assets for the necessary authorities to audit. We also help to develop ratings and indexes, as well as provide forecasting reports and risk assessments.

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Technological consulting, research and development

Circlegain provides a full range of research and development services in the fields of open key cryptography, distributed technologies, and machine learning. We also support clients in their business processes, provide new ideas, assist in the setup of cloud infrastructure, and conduct security audits.

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Security audit
Mining clouds
and infrastructure setup
Smart contracts and 
blockchain development
AI/ML in financial data analysis
Applied research

Math and machines
for digital assets market

Circlegain has a strong background in applied research of distributed systems (incl. blockchain) and cryptography, machine data presentation, efficient computing and human-computer interactions. Research works were presented in conferences such as International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security, Crypto economics security conference, International Blockchain Technology Conference and others.

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