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General mission

Circlegain guides institutional clients and individuals in their digital asset management missions by combining research, a systematic approach to key technology development, and great customer experience.


Dmitry Meshkov
Circlegain Founder and CEO, Ph.D.

Circlegain was founded by Dmitry Meshkov to institutionalize received experience in financial technologies, including algotrading, and provide financial services provision in a new asset class.

He’s internationally recognized for exceptional scientific work and his contribution to financial technology development. He worked at leading distributed ledger organisation, IOHK as a researcher and software developer. Dmitry is also a co-founder of Ergo,
a distributed ledger technologies platform for contractual money, where, in collaboration with other researchers, he has presented several research papers at international academic conferences.

Team and research network

Core team members share Dmitry's philosophy and strive to maintain a pioneering and exploratory culture in the company. Team members have a strong applied scientific research background in mathematics, distributed systems (incl. blockchain), cryptography, machine data presentation, efficient computing, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interactions, and deliver their knowledge to cutting-edge services.

Circlegain team members include experienced financial advisers, scientific researchers, data analysts, cryptographers, mathematicians, software developers with experience in DLT and AI, designers, and product management specialists. Experience in applied research has allowed the company to build a network of research groups that undertake digital asset management missions together with team members.

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