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Applied research for the world’s financial infrastructure

Circlegain actively facilitates applied research in the fields of distributed systems (incl. blockchain), cryptography, machine data presentation, efficient computing, and artificial intelligence. Circlegain aims to solve global problems impacting the world’s financial infrastructure.

Research agenda

Applying AI and ML methodologies to the optimization of algorithmic trading parameters

Portfolio selection and utility maximization

Volatility models

Evolutionary models with skewed distributions and long-range dependencies

Nonparametric dynamic models: quantile autoregression etc

Multivariate models: copula and other approaches to dependence modeling

Financial risk assessments

Market microstructure: order arrival statistics, market impact, dynamics of LOB

Multivariate models: copula and other approaches to dependence modeling

Optimal execution and market making algorithms

Optimal stopping and change-point/disorder detection

Autonomous intraday trading systems (pattern extraction, reinforcement learning)

Research work

Circlegain team members have presented research results at internationally-recognized conferences including:

International Blockchain Technology Conference
Hainan, China
Genesis conference
London, UK
SF Scala
Oakland, CA, USA
Crypto economics security conference
Berkeley, CA, USA
Genesis conference
Moscow, Russia
International Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology
Oslo, Norway
Financial cryptography

Education projects

Circlegain contributes to the development of educational projects and has created a number of unique courses and lectures, including a 9-week educational course on Cryptography and Distributed Ledger Technologies for IT-specialists and software engineers.

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